Warcry Tournament at Warhammer Fest

This weekend (30th April 2023) I’ll be attending my second ever Warcy tournament as part of Warhammer Fest and as well as being hype heres a little list review of my own warband and what I learned and changed from the last tournament I attended.

My Warband


  • Bloodwrack Medusa - 275
  • Sister of Slaughter with Kruiplash and Bladed Buckler - 80


  • Lord-imperatant (ALLY) - 240
  • Sister of Slaughter with Kruiplash and Bladed Buckler - 80
  • Sister of Slaughter with Kruiplash and Bladed Buckler - 80


  • Sister of Slaughter with Kruiplash and Bladed Buckler - 80
  • Blood Sister - 155


"Medusa" "Lord Imperatant" "Blood Sister" "Sisters of Slaughter"

How it plays

A lot of the scenarios in the Warhammer fest rulepack are objective based and so really the goal is, get the beefier pieces on objectives ASAP and soaking damage, and use the weaker chaff as extra bodies for contesting.

I have two nice triples, the Medusa allows me to freeze/net a powerful enemy piece, and her 7” move means she can usually get to where she needs to be to unleash it. The allied Lord Imperatant allows me to get additional move/attacks out a number of fighters within 9”, which is a huge range and which can gain me some nice flexibility.

I’m not too bothered about any other wild dice rolls. Daughters have a nice double which allows you to add 1 to strength AND attacks instead of just attacks which is the generic double which is pretty nice.

What I learned from my last tournament

You can see my last warband here and I went 1-3 against 4 great opponents last November. You can see ‘The Salty Sea’ review of my warband here as ever, he was very lovely and kind about it and his content is great. I hope he does a list review of the fest lists :)

Anyway, at the last one I really struggled to hold objectived, the Witch Aelves just died in droves. So, for this I decided to switch to Sisters of Slaughter. The goal with them being to not be in a combat, but to be using that 2” range on their weapons to force peope to move into them, and also being toughness 4, more things will need 4’s rather than 3’s to kill them.

I would have liked another killy piece along the lines of the medusa that can get free activations from my Imperatant. When trying this out I originally used a Slaughter Queen instead of the Blood Sister, but in the end I preferred the extra survivability and movement of the Blood Sister.

I still don’t really have an answer for monster lists so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, if I meet one of them.


My last tournament was such a blast and I don’t get to go to many, so am super excited about meeting 4 other great players and rolling some dice. I’d LOVE to go 2-2 but I am not setting my store on it. With all the other stuff going on at Fest at the same time, how can I not have a good time regardless :)