Slaves to Darkness 1000 pts painting in record time... for me!

Last weekend I attended a One Day Doubles tournament for Age of Sigmar in my home town. Shout out to the good folks of the Lancashire Legion for organising a really cool, fun event, so very close to where I live!

Anyway, initially I was going to take my Daughters of Khaine but when we had a practice game with them it took aaaaaaaaaaages, and I know DoK pretty well now. So I decided to move to a much lower model count army and I had 1000pts of Slaves to Darkness sat in a box unpainted. So what else was a boy to do other than in an elapsed time of less than a month, paint a 1000 pts of S2D to battle ready standard using Slap Chop?

If you don’t already know the drill, “trad” slap chop is to prime black, heavy drybrush with a light grey, I use Grey Seer usually, then light drybrush with a white, I tend to use Corax white.

To speed this whole process up I picked 3 main colours for my army which I would use in consisten places across the models:

  • Terradon Turquoise: For the armour panels
  • Gore-Grunta Fur: As a kind of Gold/Brassy colour for the trims
  • Flesh Tearer Red: For any cloaks/cloth parts

I operated this bit a bit like a factory line across each model in the unit, filling in all uses of these colours first. I then went back through the models after and picked out other bits of details using a random assortment of metallics and contrast paints depending on how I felt.

Limiting the inital colour palette really helped me get through it all in time.

And here are the final result:

Group Shot

"Slaves to Darkness all models"

Chaos Lord

"Chaos Lord on Karakdrak"

Chaos Sorcerer

"Chaos Sorcerer"

Chaos Knights

"Chaos Knights"

Chaos Chosen

"Chaos Chosen"

These were a blast to get through and even with the time pressure doing them like this didn’t get me down. I don’t particularly like painting ‘for an event’, I don’t know how people manage it. But doing it this way made it bearable.

I’ll probably go back at some point (who am I kidding) and put more detail and definition into the faces, I feel like thats something slap chop can struggle with. But other that super happy with how they have come out.