Painting guide to Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

Painting guide to Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

"3 Kruleboyz Gutrippaz fully painted"

Paints I used


  • Whitebone spray: Colour Forge

Basic Colours

  • Blood Angels Red: Citadel Contrast
  • Ork Flesh: Citadel Contrast
  • Skeleton Horde: Citadel Contrast
  • Gore-grunta Fur: Citadel Contrast
  • Wyldwood: Citadel Contrast
  • Cygor Brown: Citadel Contrast
  • Black Templar: Citadel Contrast
  • Basilicanum Grey: Citadel Contrast
  • Leadbelcher: Citadel Base
  • Wraithbone: Citadel Base
  • Mephiston Red: Base

Shades and Highlights

  • Stormhost Silver: Citadel Layer
  • Agrax Earthshade: Citadel Shade
  • Wild Rider Red: Citadel Layer
  • Fire Dragon Bright: Citadel Layer
  • Putrid Slime: Army Painter D&D
  • Druchii Violet: Citadel Shade
  • Lahmium Medium: Citadel Technical

Alternative Skin Undercoats

  • Putrid Slime: Army Painter D&D
  • Moot Green: Citadel Layer D&D
  • Iyanden Yellow: Citadel Contrast

Bits of green/plants on the bases

  • Treant Green: Army Painter D&D
  • Ceolia Greenshade: Citadel Shade


"Part 1 of an annotated image of which paints went where on the Gutrippa"

"Part 2 of an annotated image of which paints went where on the Gutrippa"


  • Slap on that contrast paint!
  • But… Be neat with contrast paint! it saves time time overall so you don’t have to go over any slips with Wraithbone.
  • Contrast paints, straight from the tub, I find can leave occaisional white dots when you think you have finished. Always look over once the paint has dried for any small white spots.


Step 1

Basecoat the miniature with Whitebone spray. I chose at this point to do these in mostly sub assemblies. I put most of the model together except for the bit that had the shield on it. This bit I sprayed/painted seperately and only glued together at the end.

Step 2 (optional)

Use one of the Alternative Skin Undercoats across some of the minis (if batch painting) to give some skin tone variations. I didn’t try a darker green, but probably will next time.

Step 3

Cover the skin parts with Ork Flesh

Step 4

Paint the arm and leg bands/ropes with Gore-grunta Fur.

Step 5

Alternate the cloth patches with Gore-grunta Fur, Wyldwood, Cygor Brown and Basilicanum Grey to give a patch work effect. Don’t forget todo thhe underside. This is the most painful bit of the model. I hated doing those undersides.

Step 6

Go over the ropes/belts across the body, and any other cloth odds and ends (like eye patches) with Black Templar.

Step 7

Paint the shield and any armour with Blood Angels Red.

Step 8

Paint the shaft of the weapon with Wyldwood

Step 9

Paint any metal bits with Leadbelcher. Pick out interesting bits on the shield, as well, like eyes, and teeth to add variation.

Step 10

Touch up any of the stiches on the cloth, the teeth, and the eyes with Wraithbone

Step 11

Highlight the skin with Putrid Slime

Step 12

Wash the armour with Agrax Earthshade

Step 13

Shade the bottom of the face (near the mouth) with a 50/50 mix of Druchii Violet and Lahmiam Medium

Step 14

Highlight the raised areas of red shield in Wild Rider Red

Step 15

Apply a thinner highlight of Fire Dragon Bright

Step 16

Line highlight with Stormhost Silver any large metal areas, like the weapon head.

Step 17

VERY lightly drybush the red armour and picked out silver bits with Stormhost Silver.

Step 18

Finish any base details

"Image of painted Gutrippa"

"Image of painted Gutrippa"

"Image of painted Gutrippa"

"Image of painted Gutrippa"

"Image of painted Gutrippa"

"Image of painted Gutrippa"