Preparing for the tenth session as DM in Lost Mine of Phandelver

Preparing for Session 10

So, one of the best things about your players doing things that you are massively uunprepared for is … you get to reuse all that stuff in the session after … well, firstly you try damn hard to figure out how to reuse all that stuff in the next session … and then you celebrate that this session is going to be super easy to prepare!! :D

Predicting the future

So what would my players do now? Would they sit tight? Make friends with Borabash? Would they simply leave without making much fuss? Or would they do something silly like start a war? … We probably all know the answer.

Foreshadowing in timeboxes

I wanted to set my players a challenge. Rather than keep giving out adventures, I wanted to give them a timebo to operate in. For instance, in this case, I got Borabash to state that he was going to attack Ingstone in 3 weeks. Hopefully!!! the players would grab the bit by the teeth an attempt to do things to stop him over the course of the next part of the campaign.

After session 10 we would take a couple of weeks pause to let me have some time off :) This would also let me consider what kinds of things they could do to disrupt Borabash’s plans!


I didn’t want my players to kill Borabash right now, I wanted him as a kind of ‘medium bad’ for the campaign… so I put a cache of magic weapons donwstairs near were they staying. Hoping they would take the bait, I could trigger some alarms and have them chased out. Meaning I could run the chase sequence I’d prepared before.


Hopefully these two things,

  • Cliffhanger (Ingstone under attack soon!)
  • Chase scene

Would leave my players with a memorable session before the break and leave them itching to continue the story!


Session recap and intro

When last we met… our adventures had discovered that Wyvern Tor wasn’t exactly as it had been described. Instead of a ramshackle bunch of Orcs, they found a small town, full of folks of all kind, led by a Half Orc monk known as Borabash the Wise. After sampling the delights of Orc Rat Cheese, a delicacy of the eastern wastes our adventures met Borabash the Wise himself. After parlaying and agreeing a pact of sorts, handling over a recently acquired spellbook to gain free passage around Wyvern Tor and a sizeable chunk of money. Our adventures find themselves in a former dungeon, with a bed available for the evening and invitation to the party tonight…

What would you like to do?


Looking over magic items Wyern Tor Chased by worgs Return to Phandalin Discuss things with Sildar? Who knows what they will do?

Wyvern Tor

At some point on a stealth fail (Group DC 15?) either on the way to wyvern tor, or on the way back run the ‘Worg Chase’ encounter

As you push on to Wyvern Tor, the land starts turning from rolling green hills and starts turning, brown, and heathery and mossy, it feels like the overall height above sea level is rising and as you look backwards you can are almost looking down on the pastures and greens below. In front the heather and moss is interspered wiith giant rocks and boulders that are strewn across the landscape. Theres still quite a bit of cover, and its relatively flat so possible to get the cart through … but rough going.

Worg Chase encounter


Use the following rules if a chase is started:

Make sure that all actions are decided by all players AT THE SAME TIME. This represents their ability to coordinate things in a chaotic situation.

Decide on actions by doing the following: Take a D6 and all at the same time pick an action:

  • Brake (Speed - 10 to a minimum 0)
  • Turn Left (~30 degrees)
  • Turn Right (~30 degrees)
  • Hold cart together (cart regains D8 hp)
  • Accelerate (Speed + 10 to a maximum 60)
  • Do an action! (describe what you want to do and we wiil figure out what we need to roll to try and make it happen)

For these purposes the cart has a DC of 18 and 25 hp


As you crest hills you start being able to see what you assume is wyvern tor in the distance. As you top one of these hills you see what is clearly a heavily used area of the land. It appears that some movement during the recent rain has left some imprints in the ground in a muddy patch about 20 ft square.

Survival checks: < 10 can tell its heavy traffic

10 < 15 can tell that its orc, goblin and other footfall 15 < 20 can tell that there are a menagerie of creatures, orc, goblin, giant, worg, and possibly other distinct marking. The traffic is very heavy and they aren’t even bothering to cover their tracks. 20 can tell the difference between the traffic described above, AND the fact there is lighter patrol traffic, circling the Tor

You are coming up to about a mile out from Wyvern Tor and there is another hill crest slightly above you

Perception checks as moving:

20 they can see that there are patrols circling the tops of the hills about a mile out from the Tor itself

They can either attempt to sneak past them, or if they wait it out to watch the patterns, during evening the patrols will appear to stop

After they pass this crest the land becomes noticeably more barren (increasingly difficult to bring the horse and wagon) and lead directly to Wyvern Tor itself. In front of you you can see the ruin, dominating the landscape. If its dark you can see plenty of fires. Outside the base of Wyvern Tor you can see an encampment.

Perception check:

< 15 a large wooden encampment that appears to surround the foot of Wyvern Tor. ITs mostly large tree trunks carved into spikes and rammed into the ground, there are some very makeshift watchtowers that are maybe only 20ft high or so, more like raised platforms … there is also a space where perhaps a gate might go … but at the moment its just empty, in the There is plenty of bustling activity going up and down the the small hill in the lead up to the Tor itself

15 < 20 It doesn’t appear to be particularly well guarded. In the camp itself as you are looking some massive humanoids can be seen giants, standing up and moving mostly carrying huge objects like tree trunks … and plenty of other non orc humanoids … including some that lookd decidedly human …


You can see they are preparing for something They appear to be creating a bonfire at the foot of the Tor.

Wyvern Tor

Wyvern Tor is a hastily put together encamptment from what looks like mostly rough hewn logs taken from around the area.

Around the outside are lots of large spikey logs, made as a rough defensive perimeter made for keeping out an army but not enough to stop a few individuals from entering. There is a sort of main entrance, where there are less spikey logs and more guards. But this is mostly for show.

It won’t be impossible to sneak in … or indeed very hard… they just need to keep their nerve :)

Inside the encampment is a ragtag assortment of buildings, all made from rough hewn logs. You can find most things you would be able to in a small town. Drinking establishments, usual shops they may be interested in. Nothing too extravagent.

Things of note:

  • A large building that is less temporary than the others, which servers as a kind of ‘amoury / barracks’.
    • They can sign up to be in Borabash’s army here
  • A kind of ‘recruitment’ area for raiders, a town crier type will be advertising for people to go raiding
    • They can sign up to go on raids for Borabash here
  • A kind of ‘building organisation’ building, in this area will be
    • They can sign up to do labour and build the encampment further here

When it gets to night, run ‘The party’

Borabash the Wise

Borabash the Wise is a Half Orc Monk. He is serene and peaceful, calm and collected. He has a strong force of will. He is here to reclaim his home land from Amphicea, which during its creation, got rid of the major orc clans around the Shellfell Mountains.

He has a hobgoblin, who is his general.

He has a drow, who is a druid and advisor, she is the one helping him with the magic used at ‘The Party’

Borabash wants Bowgentle’s spellbook.

The PCs do not have to fight Borabash, in fact they probably shouldn’t.

If he finds out they have the book he will not let them leave without handing it over. He will try to persuade/intimidate before resorting to violence.

He will beat them and take the book as he and his followers are currently lvl 8

If he beats them they will be knocked unconscious and put in the dungeons.

If he takes the book he will give it to the drow who will head off with it later to give it to Black Spider.

The party

Eventually activity heightens… and then things go still.

After a minute or so … some deep drums start from around the edges of the camp and as the drums build over the course of a few minutes, suddenly the Tor itself lights up from the inside and large cheers echo around the camp. Against this backdrop, on a ledge high up on the Tor step out 2 figures, roughly humanoid, both of them dressed in robes they step forward, raise ther hands and the crowds goes silently. A face appears in the sky, Wiistendil, you recognise this as Thaumaturgy, but its with a power and skill you haven’t seen before. The face itself is huge and dominates the skyline above the camp. As you take in its features it appears to be a half orc, but other than that there issn’t much detail to the face as it mostly an outline.


The voice booms around the camp … appearing to be speaking in common …

“Tonight we welcome some new blood to our camp, we are joined by the Drakth from North, some of you will have been kin anyway, so make sure to giive them a warm welcome tonight.”

A huge cheer goes up and the face waits for the clamour to die down.

“We are close, my friends, we are nearly at full strength. Our raids and attacks demoralise and confuse the enemy. They still think we are weak, unorganised, broken and disbanded. They understimate our strength. Our unity. By the dark of the new moon we will make our strike. Ingstone will fall by the will of Gruumsh and our victory will be sung for the age to come.

More cheers

“This … Amphicean pig dog …” - and the face changes in the sky to more of a scene of the ledge, rather than the orcs face.

“Thought he could betray us … he pretended to be our friend, to believe what we believe, but all he believed in … was money …

In the scene there is a man on his knees in front of a wooden block which has a burlap sack in front of it. Stood on the ledge with the half orc talking is a female drow. Who appears to be concentrating on the enchantment you are seeing before you.

“And what we do my friends, to those who betray us?”

And the chants start all around the camp

“In the sack! In the sack! In the sack!”

“This one here, does not deserve the honour, of being the first sacrifice to Gruumsh. The first blood spilt in the war that is coming.

This one, who took our money, and used it only for his own greed. No. You … you will see first hand the devastation we will bring. And only after you have seen your family and friends destroyed, knowing you betrayed them, will I allow you to die. Tie him up!

And with that 3 or 4 orcs enter the scene carrying a large wooden frame and they forcibly tie the human too the frame then hold him a loft. You can’t hear the humans screams but you can see him struggling, pathetically against his captors. For now he’s raised on the stick and stuck into the ground.

“They said it could not be done, that noone could unite the tribes of the East. But I Borabash the Wise have done it. And in 3 weeks Amphicea will tremble at our greatness. Ingstone will fall and we will rule the shelfell peaks as our ancestors once did. LEt the tribute begin!”

And with that a great cheer rises across the camp, the vision in the sky fades and the figures on the ledge disappear ino the Tor itself. Moments later the camp erupts into general chaos. Mostly involving significant amounts of food and drink.

Job offers in Phandalin

Quest Location Found out about it Started Finished
Old owl trouble Edermath Orchard
The Banshees Bargain The Shrine of Luck
Orc Trouble (Butterskull Ranch, Westor’s Logging, Wyvern Tor) Townmaster’s Hall    
Finding Cragmaw Castle Townmaster’s Hall


Chase across the hills "A battle map for a chase across a stony hilly landscape"