Lord Kroak in Contrast Paints - Part 2

Hey there, Kroaky boy, flying through the air so fancy free!

This particular post goes through how I painted the toad himself, Lord Kroak, using contrast paints. You can see how I prepared the model in this previous article and the rest of the guide assumes you did that!

Its also worth noting that whilst I appreciated I wasn’t going to replicate the box art, I wanted a look and feel that was in keeping with the box art, which may or may not be something you want :)

Lets go!

What it looks like

"Lord Kroak" "Lord Kroak"


  1. I started with his skin, and put down a coat of Plaguebearers Flesh.
  2. Next up was his bandages, now the box art here is a kind of reddy-brown and I felt there wasn’t really a contrast paint similar in the range. So I did a 50/50 mix of Sigvald Burgandy and Garaghaks Sewer. Personally I think I could have gone redder here … maybe 75/25 … but at the time, it was 50/50.
  3. I then did a coat of Leadbelcher (WARNING: NON CONTRAST PAINT ALERT) of all the bits I wanted to be gold. Theres a LOT of gold on this model :)

And with that you should have most of the model based, onwards!

  1. Back to the skin, and create a mix of 50/50 Aggaros Dunes and Contrast Medium. I used this to darken areas of the skin I felt would be darker… like joints and bits close to bandages.
  2. Pick out the jeweled eyes with Karandas Green.
  3. Pick out the gems with Akhelian Green.
  4. For the feathers, first coat in Bad Moon Yellow, and whilst its still wet, take some Striking Scorpian Green and use on the base of the feather and up the middle of the stem of the feather. Trying to get a blend that looks natural. I did the front of the feathers first and then the back. Remember to treat each feather as an individual at this point and not to do it as a whole.
  5. Mix up Volopous Pink 50/50 with Contrast Medium, making sure the previous skin coat is dry, wash over appropriate areas of skin, like thhe thoat, hands, feet, bits where the skin is peeling etc.
  6. Use Black Legion on the shafts of his staffs and the chains around his neck.
  7. Take Nazdreg Yellow and apply liberally over all the Leadbelcher.
  8. Use Space Wolves Grey on the tusks and around the gem at the centre of one of his staffs.
  9. Paint the floofy bit of his staff Baal Red
  10. Lastly, use Skeleton Horde on the Headress band.

And ta da! Kroak is done!

"Lord Kroak" "Lord Kroak"

Next time

Ill probably tackle one of the floaty rock bits because I want to figure out the green blend what is on the floaty rocks in the box art…