September hobby update!

Seraphon September this month shall now be know as … I completed both the starblood stalkers and made significant progress on Lord Kroak himself. Also managed to get at least one game a week of Warcry or AoS, continued my online campaign of D&D with friends, and also managed to get in an in person game of D&D with folks. Hobby mental!


You can see a much more detailed run through of my efforts so far on Lord Kroak here:

But so far I am very pleased!

I also managed to have a crack at the Starblood Stalkers, as my friend wanted them for use in the Path to Glory campaign we are running: "Starblood Stalkers from the front"

Here are some more detailed shots:


"Kiki-Taka front" "Kiki-Taka front"


"Klaq-Troq front" "Klaq-Troq side left" "Klaq-Troq side right"

Spear Skink

"Spear Skink front" "Spear Skink front"


These were all done in a similar style of contrast paints with optional highlights


  • Sprayed white
  • Skin - Gryph Hound Orange
  • Gold - Leadbelcher with a coat of Nazdreg Yellow
  • Eyes - Wraithbone with a coat of Warpstone Green. A line of Black Templar down the middle.
  • Feathers - First coat in Bad Moon Yellow, and wet blend with some Striking Scorpian Green.
  • Red Shield and Jewels - Baal Red
  • Scales - Black Templar with thick line highlight of Thunderhawk Blue,
  • Weapon Shafts - Black Legion
  • Leather - Garaghak’s Sewer
  • Blue Jewels - Akhelian Green
  • Claws and Teeth - Wraithbone with Skeleton Horde
  • Tongue - Voloupous Pink


See my previous write up here Saurus with Contrast paints

Chameleon Skink

All of the above, except I used Plague bearer flesh for the skin.


Usually i would stop there, but on these decided that for the heroes I would add some highlights to the skin to make it pop a little bit more.

Skink skin:

  • Highlight with Firedragon Bright, then mix with a little White and highlight further

Saurus Skin

  • Highlight with Temple Guard Blue, then further highlight with Ulthuan Grey

Baal Red

  • Hightlight with Wild Rider Red, then with Fire Dragon Bright

Path to Glory

This is now in full force, 4 weeks in and things have not gone well for my devoted Daughters of Khiane, a small victory for the warband have led to 3 defeats on the trot for the army. However, reinforcements have arrived and next time and suree things will go better!


My campaign looks likely to happen in November, so busily designing maps and making plans! We are just about to end our current campaign where my character has sadly died :( The final battle is retrieving her immortal soul from a vampiric frog who has hidden it in a demi plane! Fingers crossed!