Lord Kroak in Contrast Paints - Part 3

Rocks! Everybody loves rocks! So now we move onto the most exciting part of the Kroak model… the rocks!

If you want to see how I prepared the model you can find that here and if you want to see how I painted Kroak, thats here

Its also worth noting that whilst I appreciated I wasn’t going to replicate the box art, I wanted a look and feel that was in keeping with the box art, which may or may not be something you want :)

Lets go!

What it looks like

"Floaty Rocks" "Floaty Rocks"


  1. For the rocks on the base that aren’t part of Kroak floaty stuff, I used Aggoros Dunes
  2. For all the Gold bits I did my now traditional Leadbelcher followed by Nazdreg Yellow
  3. For all the Silver bits its Leadbelcher followed by Basilicanum Grey
  4. I did a little wet blending on the vines up to the more tree like structures going from Dark Angels Green to Wyldwood
  5. The leaves are Striking Scorpion Green
  6. I finished the gems with a dot of Akhelian Green
  7. Lastly, and most complicatedly the floaty rocks. This required looking at the box art a bit more to make sure the blends mimicked that as best it could. From light to dark, its Gutrippa Flesh, Militarum Green, Ork Flesh, Basilicanum Grey and finally Black Legion. You have to work fast for this, in terms of technique I started with the light paints and wet blended through to the dark.

"Floaty Rocks"

Next time

Last, but not least we have the chair to complete and then our mighty magic frog is complete.