Painting Guide for Daughters of Khaine Khinerai with Contrast Paints

Daughters of Khaine were the first mines for Age of Sigmar I started painting and I recently added a second lot of Heartrenders to my burgeoning Path to Glory force. Gotta get those battle tactics somehow!

"Khinerai Heartrenders"

Always nice to go back to this army and add another unit, heres the recipe card: "Khinerai Heartrenders Recipe Card"


  1. Base coat in Grey Seer (I use Colour Forge Sprays, Ghoul Grey for a reasonable match)
  2. Coat all the exposed skin in Gulliman Flesh
  3. Cover all the rest of the model in Gryph Charger Grey

It should now look like this:

"Khinerai Heartrenders Recipe Card" "Khinerai Heartrenders Recipe Card"

  1. Next cover all the black items, the clothing, the weapon shaft, the talons on the wing in Black Templar
  2. For all the silver metallic bits, the weapon blade, the shield, some leg armour details, go over them in Leadbelcher and then use Gryph Charger Grey over the top.
  3. For all the gold metallic bits, the weapon details (don’t forgot the shield!), some jewellery, the helmet and some armoured clothing details, use Retributor Armour, followed by Reikland Flesh Shade.
  4. The wavy cloth bits were done in Flesh Tearers Red
  5. Any hair was done using Magos Purple
  6. Any ‘rock’ basing was done with Basilicanum Grey
  7. Lastly the wing membranes were done like this:
    1. First mix up a batch of 4 parts Contrast Medium to 1 part Volupus Pink
    2. Do 1 membrane at a time and cover the membrane in the above mix
    3. As you finish coating the membrane, quickly wash your brush, get a little bit of contrast medium then run it down the centre of the wing whilst the mix is still wet.
    4. After this has dried, take some of the mix and put it in the recesses of the membrane (ie the edge near the spines)

"Khinerai Heartrenders Front" "Khinerai Heartrenders Back"

I may go back to these in the future and do some edge highlights, but for now they are ‘tabletop ready’