Painting Guide for Seraphon Slaan with Drybrush Contrast Paints

I’ve been slowly working my way through the new Seraphon kits over the past year and heres my latest, the Slaan Mage Priest!

"Slaan front"

"Slaan side" "Slaan back"

An absolutely glorious kit that was super fun to put together with all its different options and a joy to paint.

This is a mixture of 3 different recipes:

  1. The chair is a green stone mix from a recent White Dwarf
  2. The rest of the chair and everything that isn’t the frog, is from Warhipsters excellent video here
  3. Purple toad is based on the purple in the aforementioned video from Warhipster


  1. Base coat in Mechanicus Standard Grey
  2. Reasonably heavy dry brush of Wraithbone
  3. Paint the chair itself in Incudbi Darkness
  4. Heavy Drybrush with Sons of Horus Green
  5. Lighter drybrush with Kabalite Green
  6. Now follow the Warhipster video here, except for the Gold bits and the Toad
  7. Gold is my standard Seraphon Gold, start with Leadbelcher then wash with Nazdreg Yellow
  8. The bird was basecoated in Gryph Hound Orange, before giving the widest feathers a coat of Baal Red. The highlights of the bird where picked out in Flash Gitz Yellow
  9. For the Toad, I coated the bottom half, missing out the webbed feet amd hands in Leviathan Purple and the top half in Luxion purple and did a very quick blend between the two
  10. After this, I lightly drybrushed all the purple in Decala Lilac followed by a * very * light drybrush over the top of that in Slaanesh Grey
  11. All the purple was then coated in Drucchi Violet
  12. The face and hands and feet of the Slaan were washed in Carroburg Crimson
  13. Gold is same as above, start with Leadbelcher then wash with Nazdreg Yellow
  14. I coated the lips and mouth in Volupos pink
  15. Next, I picked out the eyes, teeth and claws in Wraithbone before going over them with Skeleton Horde.
  16. Any rope was gone over in Gharagaks Sewer
  17. Lastly I did the eyes in Warpstone Green follwed by a quick line of Black Legion

This was really fun to paint and work with as a model And thanks to my daughter for suggesting the Purple Slaan, I think it works really well!