October hobby update!

During October I managed to complete Kroak, hurray! Will post a sneak peak but full details are coming in breakdown articles parts 3, 4 and maybe 5 :S

We also restarted our D&D campaign after a small hiatus in another campaign ran be a different DM. So lots of prep for that!,


You can see a much more detailed run through of my efforts so far on Lord Kroak here:

Further parts to come!

But heres the full model for now!

"Lord Kroak"

Warcry Event

I also put together my initial warband for the Warcry event I am attending in November. Heres the list:

  • Bloodwrack Medusa: 275
  • Slaughter Queen: 160
  • Blood Sister: 155
  • Witch Self with Paired Scions x 6: 390

980 pts

Heres a quick picture:

"Daughters of Khaine warcry warband" "Daughters of Khaine warcry warband" "Daughters of Khaine warcry warband"

I only have the Bloodwrack Medusa to paint before the event, so should be easy enough :S :)

Path to Glory

We managed a few battles in early October, but we were both on holiday for the last 2 weeks, so not as much destruction in the mortal realms as previous months. Still, our forces are accruing, glory is being won and lost, and theres still a heck of a load of models left to paint :S


As its been a while since we last played, I like running a kind of session 0 to get back in the swing of things. I play with a group of people I’ve known for at least 15 years, so its not a proper session 0, because we are all fairly comfortable by now with what we want to see and don’t want to see. So, I might write a longer post about this, but I like to do something fun to get people back into the swing of a campaign. Icebreakers get a bad rep at work, but with your actual friends they can be fun. I asked folk to draw their favourite moment from the last phase of the campaign on a post-it note. I set this task about a week before so they can think about it. I like this kind of thing because it makes people think about the past sessions/events. They picked:

  • a heist that went badly wrong and everything went murderhobo
  • when one of them moi-dered a dragon with an axe
  • during the Witchlight carnival, our wizard was left with horrific nightmares from one of the rides, and yet, also had a spell that meant they thought everything was great. Pretty hilarious.
  • when the other one of them moi-dered another dragon, this time by putting their head in a portal and turning the portal off. Quite inventive.

It was nice to have a natter about this again before we kicked off.