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September hobby update!

Seraphon September this month shall now be know as … I completed both the starblood stalkers and made significant progress on Lord Kroak himself. Also managed to get at least...

Lord Kroak in Contrast Paints - Part 2

Hey there, Kroaky boy, flying through the air so fancy free!

Lord Kroak in Contrast Paints - Part 1

Whilst I’ve painted 100s of miniatures over the last 18 months, I’d not yet had the bravery to pick up one of the ‘god’ models for Age of Sigmar and...

August hobby update!

August was slow hobby wise for me, we had other concerns (I was civil partnered! Yay! Go Us!), which means I only painted a few models (aside from the 70...

July hobby update and Warcry event!

July was a mixed bag of stuff :D

June hobby update and Warcry 2

During June I managed to complete 10 or so models as part of my Daughters of Khaine army (did someone say new book? :))